Training courses

Our club conducts introduction to archery courses, designed by Archery Australia, and conducted by our coaches who are accredited with the Australian Coaching Council and Archery NSW. The courses are generally conducted on the first two Saturdays of each month, except January, and provide two hours of coaching each day in small groups.

All equipment is provided by the club. We only use recurve bows to insruct beginners, and we have a variety of weighted bows to suit most people.

Please note that the coaches have determined, from long years of experience, that children younger than 10 are not able to adequately participate in the courses. This may also apply to older children.

Factors restricting these youngsters relate to equipment used by the club for training, which are full size bows, requiring the participant to have arms of sufficient length to make the bow 'work', in a proper manner, to get sufficient cast for the arrow to reach the target.  Should this not be possible then there is no satisfaction for the child and this may be a real off putting experience for them. Other factors may include the child's inability to accept and follow instruction provided, nor the discipline required by our sport, and also not having the physical stamina required by our sport. Some of these same problems have been experienced with children up to 12 years as well, but to a lesser degree.

Please contact the club to enquire further about the introduction courses and to make bookings by using the contact information provided on this website.